iain took my cherry omfg :O LOLOL THAT WAS HAWT 8D!1!11


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help! i'm alive Sunday  
Feb 13th 111:04pm
mood | cynical

so i stumbled across this, my old livejournal.
after a few years, i've decided it's time to return to my old self.
i'm not sure that any of you will really remember me.
but you will


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great big white world Thursday  
Oct 15th 091:23am
mood | distressed

i lost one of my pet rats today

i hope she's in a better place now.

love you willow x

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inaugration Wednesday  
Oct 14th 0912:41am
mood | cold

this may sound a little bad however, could you please re-introduce yourself to me.

it has been quite some time since i used livejournal properly and this is a negative in itself.

my memory isn't as good as it used to be, what with the ravages of time and old-age!


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once more with feeling Monday  
Oct 12th 0910:45pm
mood | gloomy

so i totally forgot about livejournal
should i wake it from the dead?


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home alone Tuesday  
Aug 19th 085:01pm
mood | hopeful

i love home alone
i come home from work and martin is watching it on the sofa.

yes, i am talking about the film with macualay culkin.

"are you here all by yourself"
"mam, im eight years old. do you really think id be out shopping alone? i dont think so"
"well, where's you mum?"
"she's in the car?"
"your dad?"
"he's at work"
"brothers and sisters?"
"im an only child"
"where do you live?"
"i cant tell you that?"
"why not?"
"coz you're a stranger"


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delinquent Saturday  
Jul 26th 0810:50am
anybody actually remember me on this thing?
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fidelity Saturday  
Sep 16th 063:54pm
mood | ill

i love the charlotte church show

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empty Thursday  
Aug 31st 0611:42am
mood | exhausted

i must apologise for not being online in forever.
i've been working / drinking / shopping and it hasn't left much time for anything else.

so if i haven't spoken to you for a while [or you just want to talk to me], leave me a comment and i'll definately get back to you :)


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deadlight holiday Thursday  
Jul 20th 0610:25am
mood | happy

so, for the first time in a couple of years, i have new hair
martin cut it for me

see my new hairCollapse )

&last night, i finally got to see the birthday massacre after five years of waiting.

their setlist was as follows:

the nightloop
lovers end
play dead
horror show
promise me
queen of hearts
to die for
kill the lights

happy birthday
video kid

they were so orgasmic

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age old question Wednesday  
Jun 21st 0611:23am
mood | confused

how the hell is it that heterosexual people manage to have perfectly tuned gaydar
and yet, i don't have it?

unless he's serving me a drink in a leather thong and a dog collar i seriously cannot tell.

[basically, you're all fags XP]

in other news, i could not be happier right now

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today Friday  
May 5th 0612:30pm
mood | ecstatic

today is my 20th birthday
love me <3

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so long, update Friday  
Apr 14th 069:01pm
mood | lonely

i know what you're thinking.
why does he have a paid account on livejournal and barely use his livejournal?
simple answer: no-one seems to read my entries anymore - even if they are far and few between: and i don't really want to update JUST to moan: ironic as that seems at this current time.

so, i'm up for promotion at work. that should be good: as long as i get the job as i really want it.
i don't think dressing provocatively will help me in this instance but i could give it a go.

i went to see placebo in birmingham last sunday with the twin, kirsty &immy who i met there.
quite disappointed - not the same placebo i saw three years ago: the only positive change was brian's lack of mullet &the entrance of "running up that hill" into the setlist.

i'm so alone.
it's unbelievable :(

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happy birthday Saturday  
Mar 25th 061:01am
mood | ecstatic

looks set to be the best fucking birthday of my life:

scarling. with amusement parks on fire <3

05.05 : MY 20TH BIRTHDAY
16.05 : LONDON ULU

i dont think 9/12 gigs is bad <3
god i love my life.

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venosa Friday  
Mar 17th 0611:37am
mood | horny

i haven't updated in far too long.
you'd think with not updating i'd have gotten a life of some degree:
alas - it's not happened.
i had a contract increase at work so i've been to tired to write up a livejournal entry consisting of "i'm too tired to write up a proper livejournal entry as i've had a contract increase at work"

i have however, recently bought a sexy new top from john galliano when i was in manchester.
lucky charms were also bought: because let's face it - what's breakfast time without them? a damn disappointment!

imagesCollapse )

scarling. will be back in the uk in early may [and over my birthday]
: with a new single.
i've just been sent all the dates &it looks like i'll be over-joyed with no money again :D


> is on the fifth of may - it's easy to remember : 05/05.
i would like

1. a boyfriend
2. cocaine
3. clothing from alexander mcqueen
4. lucky charms
5. home-made cards
6. tru calling dvd boxset
7. an iBook
8. vivienne westwood shades
9. a fifty pound mac voucher
10. a surprise

so get working on it ;)
p.s. how is everyone ?

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memory paraphrase Monday  
Feb 13th 067:05pm
mood | alone


i think i might piss myself <3
also, i think i have a date :/
i don't know.
valentines day is tomorrow &i might kill myself because of it
so just in case i don't ever update again: goodbye.

[p.s. i will update again as i just re-paid for my journal but i want some "being alone on valentines day - suicide guilt sympathy" - so hop to it]

just to show you how alone i am:
i recently watched the first series of desperate housewives in its completion - in about four days. yeah.

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so long, prescription Saturday  
Feb 4th 0611:09pm
mood | sad

right now.
i'm just not happy.
the worst feeling is lonliness.
it's not the worst thing that can happen to you,
but it really grinds you down.
i got my hair cut.
behind the cutCollapse )

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post blue Friday  
Jan 27th 0611:24pm
mood | worried

i think i like him more than he likes me
next friday could be so good
or heartbreaking

i don't know.
at least i'm getting my hair cut tomorrow

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icon-chic Tuesday  
Jan 17th 068:34pm
mood | peaceful

my new icon is of me.
i've never had a "me" icon on livejournal before.
loves it.

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Jan 13th 0611:27am
mood | bouncy

audrey hepburn is 100x
hotter than marilyn monroe.

also: happy birthday to steve <3

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half day closing Saturday  
Jan 7th 064:33pm
mood | lonely

my life is a mess.
&i'm lonely.
i need a boy.

p.s. for the first time in ages i changed my userinfo

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broken record Saturday  
Dec 31st 0510:34am
mood | sad

&you said "oh, christ: hang up the phone"
&you said "oh, i guess i've always known ?"
&i said "oh, never leave me alone - this record broke on it's own"

this record breaks on it's own.
happy new year, cunts <3

p.s. the opticians put dye in my eye this morning.
beats a shot of cum from a homeless man anyday, right ?

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working with meat Thursday  
Dec 22nd 0511:06pm
mood | enthralled

so today i worked from 7:30-6:30: nice huh ?
but i got THIS as my christmas present from work.

i am so cool.

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black milk Tuesday  
Dec 20th 057:05pm
mood | pissed off

i want you dead.

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hello ... scarling. Thursday  
Dec 8th 052:55pm
mood | pleased

scarling. tour write-up &photosCollapse )

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international dateline Thursday  
Nov 24th 059:05pm
mood | proud

zero. me &rachel went to birmingham to see sigur ros again. it was absolutely fantastic: + the train journey made me pee myself <3

one. i went to manchester at the weekend to see philip &jilly. it was such a fun weekend. we were all absolutely trashed [no shock there] &philip put blond extensions in my hair to make me 100% fag. [see photos]

two. i had an interview at work yesterday for the installation co-worker job.

three. i got the job

four. send me gifts

five. photosCollapse )

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pale shade Sunday  
Nov 13th 058:11pm
mood | tired

i was only fifty minutes late for work today.
&last night i danced with a laydee.
it was weird

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sweet dreams Saturday  
Nov 5th 052:04am
mood | drunk

photos plzCollapse )

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noise-chic Monday  
Oct 31st 0510:00pm
mood | indescribable

"you betrayed a person that bleeds but won't die"

the social.
december fourth.
life gets better.

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blown candles Friday  
Oct 28th 0512:19pm
mood | bored

i got my hair cut
photos coming soon
i bought new underwear
photos not coming soon
i bought a new top
i met liam &had martinis
that was fun.
i miss rachel
&have no money for xmas

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hello london Friday  
Oct 21st 0510:23am
mood | ecstatic

the metro
seven-thirty pm
december seventh
seven pounds

i got my tickets this morning
now i want to cry <3

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